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(Nightshade / Heights / Sunshine)

Mixed Project + Profiles, Revisited.

(If you’re interested, you can buy a print of any of these in our Etsy shop!)

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Hey guys! About time I did another RT-themed giveaway! This time it’s all awesome RT-themed accessories. There will be one winner who will receive

  • Red vs Blue and Project Freelancer slap bands
  • YOLO!, Cakeless, and the Tower of Pimps slap bands
  • RWBY pin set, containing 9 RWBY-themed pins
  • Grifball plushie, only available at conventions!


  • Reblog this post to enter. REBLOG ONLY ONCE.
  • You can like this post, but likes won’t count towards your win!
  • Fandom (like fuck-yeah blogs or blogs run by multiple people)/ask blogs/non-personal blogs are not eligible to win. They can reblog to pimp the post, but they will not be considered in the final choosing.
  • Have your asks open around the time the winner will be announced - anyone with asks closed will be automatically looked over.
  • Reply to the ask sent announcing your win within 48 hours. If you do not, another winner will be chosen.

That’s it! No follow is required, though it would be appreciated.


Happy Reblogging!

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This has been a dream come true.The fact that I get to wake up and go to a building and work with the coolest people on the planet, who I’m lucky enough to call friends, is an absolute joy.” -Geoff

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happy birthday to myself

happy birthday to myself

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